Dynamization of workshops within the TACTIC Project. (TOOLS FOR CLIMATE CHANGE IMPACT ASSESSMENT & ADAPTATION)

Ministry of Economy and European Commission

October 2019  

ICATALIST has done a technical assistance in the TACTIC research project ("TOOLS FOR CLIMATE CHANGE IMPACT ASSESSMENT AND ADAPTATION"). Specifically, ICATALIST has supported the Geological Institute of Spain (Instituto Geológico y Minero de España (IGME)) in the case of the Upper Guadiana River Basin. The objective was to design adaptation strategies (a set of adaptation measures to be adopted by the government and by local actors in the future) with the participation of the stakeholders (farmers, ecologists, administration, etc.). ICATALIST was responsible for the planning, organization and facilitation of a one-day participatory workshop. In turn, ICATALIST made the results report of the workshop. All tasks were done in collaboration with the IGME project staff. Our role also includes the organization of a second session with stakeholders for the presentation of results at the end of 2020.

Within the framework of this project ICATALIST also gave a 2-day training course to IGME staff on participatory tools and processes in research projects.