European Union H2020

January 2021 – December 2023

ReSET was selected among proposals submitted for the FET Proactive Environmental Intelligence call (FETPROACT-EIC-08-2020), in subtopic A: New techniques for modelling and predicting socio-environmental evolution across different temporal and spatial scales. The acronym stands for Restarting Economy in Support of Environment, through Technology.

ReSET aims to leverage developments in spatial modelling, artificial intelligence and interoperable environmental sensing to better understand pathways to reset agricultural and urban development across Europe for sustainability, by working with the relevant stakeholders to develop and test more sustainable new ways of farming and urban development.

We will focus particularly on sustainable development options ​to manage flooding, drought, soil, water and air quality as key environmental concerns for Europe that are impacted by urban and farmland management and development.

The modelling scale will be the European scale with detailed earth observation powered- modelling case studies (DEMOs) at the national scale (UK, Spain, Romania, Italy) and integration with advanced sensing at local-regional scales: SE England, London (UK), Rivas Vacia Madrid and Valladolid (ES), Carasuhat Wetlands (RO) and Bologna (IT).

Icatalist leads WP2, and have substantial PM in all other WPs. Has a special role in the policy and institutional analysis and in coordinating participatory actions and interactions with stakeholders, and in the exploitation plans.