"ReforestaAcción - Sierra del Rincón": Forestry Actions in Sierra Norte of Madrid

BANKIA & Montemadrid Foundation

October 2019 - December 20196 

ReforestaAcción" project continues the initiative "One million trees" that began in 2002 with the objective of restoring the vegetation cover due to the increasing desertification in Spain, carrying out reforestations in areas of special environmental protection in Madrid, Segovia, Valencia and Albacete. After reaching the proposed objectives, the project was renamed "Two million trees", expanding to 13 Autonomous Communities and reaching the figure of 1,269,000 trees planted on a total of 2,339 hectares.

In 2018 the Montemadrid Foundation reformulates this action line with "ReforestaAcción", a project that focuses on improving the forest lands taking into account the social, economic and environmental reality and promoting the participation of all the actors involved. The project begun with a study of the whole Madrid region based on ecosystem services and on the social and environmental conditions, with the objective to identify the most relevant areas for reforestation, as well as the most appropriate species and methodologies.

The first actions within the project are proposed to take part in “Sierra del Rincón” mountain area, that has been identified in the study as a priority area for action, determined through cartographic analysis, socio-economic variables and the participation of experts and local agents.

The reforestation project will be realized within the municipalities of Prádena del Rincón and La Hiruela, located in the northeast part of the Madrid region, in an area inside the UNESCO “Sierra del Rincón Biosphere Reserve”. The native tree species have been chosen based on the interest from an ecological, landscape and informative point of view.

ICATALIST is the company in charge of the initial study and participates also supporting the whole process of the reforestation initiative "ReforestaAcción - Sierra del Rincón", including the planning of the actions, the corporate volunteering for BANKIA employees, as well as the final report.

With "ReforestaAcción - Sierra del Rincón" we take a further step towards the objective of the project "ReforestaAcción": To care forests so that they care for our future.


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