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Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Icatalist was actively present at the EIP WATER 2019 Conference on the 11th and 12th of December in Zaragoza, Spain. We were involved as panellist and co-organisers in several side events on the 11th:

Our colleague Beatriz Mayor presented the case of the Medina del Campo Managed Aquifer recharge evaluated as part of the H2020 NAIAD project at the Manage Aquifer Recharge side event hosted by Enrique Escalante. She gave an overview of the project’s general goals to assess and operationalise the “assurance” value of Nature Based Solutions (NBS) to protect against climate change extreme water events such as floods and droughts. She then dug into the Medina del Campo demo case, where managed aquifer recharge was selected through a participatory process with stakeholders as one of the measures with potential to build resilience against droughts and restore degraded surface ecosystems. She presented the results of the feasibility assessment and lessons learnt from the case, including the need to set and communicate clear objectives when deciding on the cost-effectiveness balance of an intervention.

Our Director Elena López Gunn co-hosted a session on financing Nature Based solutions with Sophie Trémolet - The Nature Conservancy. The session started with a presentation of the initiatives undertaken by the Nature Conservancy in promoting and facilitating the implementation of NBS around the world, and their most recent report on experiences and lessons learnt in Europe. Then, the examples of NBS initiatives explored in NAIAD project demos were presented by Icatalist. The NAS canvas developed by Icatalist within NAIAD project was presented and applied to one of the demo cases in order to show the elements required to identify and quantify the value of those NBS. Finally, building on the examples, a participatory exercise with the session attendants was done aiming to collectively identify which elements would be critical to include in a pitch summarizing the business case that could ultimately attract the interest of potential investors.

The day finished with a session on Communities of Innovation promoted by the Brigaid and ACT on NBS projects, where Elena López Gunn, Conceição Colaço and Julian Swinkels presented some of the innovations related to nature based solutions. The session continued with a discussion on elements of innovation following the Samoa circle dynamic, by which anybody willing to speak must sit in a circle at the centre of the room that only allows three speakers at the same time. The result was a very dynamic, participative and enriching discussion that gave the perfect closure to the day.

Report about the Workshop organised as the side event “Accelerating action to tackle water pollution and enhance EU preparedness to water-related climate change impacts”. December 11, 2019, Zaragoza, Spain

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