Workshop "CITIZENS PANEL: what is your vision of the future of sustainable transport in Valladolid?

November 2018

The European Project PE4TRANS-Public Engagement for Sustainable Public Transport aims to achieve improvements in public transport policies through participatory processes that include citizens in the process of design and implementation of sustainable transport.

22 citizens of Valladolid became panellists of the Valladolid Citizen Panel on Sustainable Mobility to carry out the first of a series of public participation workshops. This Panel is part of the PE4Trans project, in which the Innovation Agency, AUVASA and the Mobility Centre of the Valladolid City Council participate, together with 4 other European cities, financed by the European Interreg programme.

ICATALIST supported this workshop facilitating the different sessions and guiding the main thread of the process. With the following tasks:

-Preparation of the materials for the selection of the participants in the Panel.

-Accomplishment of the complete process of selection and confirmation of participants to the panel.

-Preparation of materials for communication and dissemination of the workshop through different media.

-Organization of the day including the necessary materials for the Panel itself, adapting the P4Trans guidelones.

-Effective realization of the Panel assuming the role of facilitator.

-Drafting of the Panel's conclusions

The aim of this workshop was to produce a catalogue of visions for a sustainable future. All this in order to obtain clear objectives and make a roadmap so that it can become a reality.

Citizens became visionaries for a day, first putting themselves in the shoes of 30-40 year old citizens and their dreams for the future, to understand our reality, and then moving on to a future reality, until 2050, to imagine their vision of everyday life and society at that time through a series of exercises, both individual and group.