​Reinventing Cities, C40 & Madrid city council. Spain

November 2017 – March 2019

Reinventing Cities is a global competition to drive carbon-free, resilient urban regeneration, created by the C40 Climate Leadership Group and supported by Climate KIC and ofo.

The competition aims to transform underused spaces into new examples of sustainability and resilience.

Under this competition it is proposed to intervene in a municipal market located on a plot of 1,880 m2 in Orcasur, district of Usera, a space owned by the Madrid City Council located in a very vulnerable residential neighbourhood, which due to its potential for revitalisation and transformation is included as an "area of opportunity" in the Strategic Plan for Urban Regeneration in Madrid.

An innovative proposal is presented that includes the revitalisation of the market on the ground floor and new activities on the rest of the plants. The architectural restructuring will entail the opening of the main market entrance through the Plaza del Pueblo square so that its activity can be extended to the plaza revitalizing this public space.  The common desire of the team is to participate in the invention of a metropolitan space by changing the rules of urban projects.

The Orcasur market is an opportunity to invent a new way of making the city more open and inclusive, responding to the ambition of institutions to revitalize and transform this area.

The proposal considers the project MORE THAN A MARKET AND A SQUARE an integral proposal to revitalize the neighbourhood by involving the neighbours. The market is transformed to enhance its use as such, while accommodating spaces for the development of activities led and managed by the citizens of Orcasur neighbours and their associations.

The main objective is fundamentally of environmental and social character: to obtain an equipment that benefits to the population of the district, integrating to the neighbours of the district, generating new opportunities of employment, helping local entrepreneurship, the social and solidary economy.

The project has been developed by an interdisciplinary team that combines knowledge and experience in the development of inclusive urban regeneration projects and social and environmental innovation projects, and in programming, conception, construction and animation.

ICATALIST would participate in the process as responsible for environmental monitoring and the design and implementation of the social dynamization of phases 1 and 2 together with other project partners.

On the other hand, it would support the transfer of the project to the equivalent Community Interest Company (CIC) that will ideally be created in the district.



Web: https://www.c40reinventingcities.org/