City Council of Valladolid, Spain

February 2019 – March 2020

We give life to the IMPLUVIUM 2.0 project, the second phase of IMPLUVIUM 1.0, and like the latter, it is also a research project on circular economy focused on architecture and water.


For the development of IMPLUVIUM 2.0 we rely on the information and data obtained in the first phase, to achieve the objective of implementing a rainwater collection system in one of the four selected centers in the city of Valladolid: the nursery “Escuela de Educación Infantil El Principito”. The system stores rainwater for later reuse and for mitigating the risks of flooding.


Numerous factors were taken into account in the selection of this center, such as the age of the users, the size of the centre, excessive heat during the summer months, waterlogging problems, etc.

The solution chosen to organize this project consists of the design of three water collection systems, each one according to its location. The water collected in the three systems will be unified in a new horizontal rainwater drainage network, which will be connected to a Biofilter and subsequently stored in an underground tank, or cistern, for subsequent reuse in an irrigation system, with which the water will be distributed throughout the garden areas and the orchard. One system drains the water from the buildings and a second system drains the open areas of the nursery. 

The third system is called “Raising awareness by playing”, which aims to give an image of uniqueness to the whole project, and which is adapted to the end users, who are the children of this center. With this purpose, four independent structures have been designed to form a playful and educational unit, which in turn collects rainwater for reuse. This intervention aims to make the children feeling part of the project, and aims to explain in a simple way (as a game) the importance of not wasting water and that every drop counts. At the same time, these modules also aim to make both children and teachers to enjoy rainy days by fun.


Captura de pantalla 2020-04-20 a las 13.

Project funded by the Agency for Innovation and Economic Development of Valladolid and the City Council of Valladolid.