FOODTURAMA. Transforming the demand for food by improving knowledge of the impacts on health, the planet and exploring alternative consumption

Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities

January 2020 – December 2022

ICATALIST is in charge of the realization of the whole project. The goal of FooDTURAMA project is to foster the adoption of sustainable and healthy food consumption habits. This project is designed to meet the needs and desires of Spanish population for better consumption options and for a better knowledge about the impacts of their food.

Research about current or potential food options, its impacts on the environment and human health, as well as about effective strategies to increase people’s preferences for sustainable and healthy options is at the basis of FooDTURAMA. With the information generated, we will create a tool that will help in the analysis of food options, the monitoring of personal consumption, and the decision-making in food matters.

Besides serving consumers’ interests, FooDTURAMA contributes to the improvement of knowledge about the drivers of food consumption. Through research and participative processes, we will create new tools and guides to support food strategies and policies.

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