Elena Goicolea


Elena Goicolea Güemez is a Senior Architect and expert in International Development Cooperation from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, as well as a master's degree in Sustainability and Adaptation in the built environment from the University of East London (Center for Alternative Technology).

Since she is a student, she has participated in projects and associations related to sustainability and cooperation of a national and international nature (Kenya, Turkey). After obtaining the cooperation grant for the final year project, she worked in Senegal with "Arquitectura sin Fronteras", carrying out tasks of coordinating construction workshops with earth, construction management, project evaluation, and needs analysis.


After a period in conventional construction studies, she embarks on her own path in sustainable architecture and complements her training with an international master's degree. She carried out residential projects (private and public) in which she used various strategies such as the use of low-impact materials, passive energy reduction measures, incorporation of renewable energies, green roofs, increasing indoor air quality, biophilia, etc. 


Her training opens the doors to the academic world, and allows her to deepen on climate change, ecosystem services, environmental politics and economics, city and community development, nature-based solutions, energy provision, sustainable materials and environmental performance evaluation. After this, she feels that it is the moment to participate in projects with greater impact, and she joins the ICATALIST team.

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