European Commission
March 2020 – February 2024

The main goal of eGROUNDWATER is to develop enhance information systems that improve the knowledge on groundwater systems in the Mediterranean region and enable the design of innovative adaptation strategies for its sustainable and efficient management.

The steps that sustain this general goal of eGROUNDWATER are the following:

  1. To evaluate information systems on groundwater resources and uses in PRIMA-PS countries (Morocco, Portugal, Algeria and Spain) and identify gaps in information collection and post-processing to enhance information systems.

  2. To develop innovative ICT-based tools for enhanced information acquisition using citizen science techniques.

  3. To improve existing groundwater modelling tools and enabling the use of improved models.

  4. To develop improved participatory groundwater management strategies, supported by the enhanced information system (EIS) and groundwater flow modelling, and management tools.

  5. To analyse the potential socio-economic impacts examining how it may affect the ways in which water is shared among users; how rules are enforced and how users, managers and other stakeholders learn and interact with each other.

  6. To assess the institutional transitions and capacity building actions required to reverse current unsustainable practices’ effects and to encourage the participation of stakeholders and use of different data and sources of information.

To apply the ICT-based tool in PRIMA-PS countries and to study the potential for replication in other case study areas.

ICATALIST leads WP2: “Citizen science and enhanced information systems for groundwater (EIS)”, which objective is to frame the project from the onset on how to define and incorporate citizen science and enhanced information systems (EIS) into innovative collective action and decision making for groundwater policy.


This WP will clarify the potential needs and demands for the innovative approach the project will develop, available options, successful cases and barriers. 

Task ICATALIST leads:

Task 2.1 Analysis of the use of citizen science and enhanced information systems in groundwater management [m1-m9] 

Task 2.2 Delphi study on main trends on groundwater policy in relation to data, information and knowledge for decision making and collective action [m7-m21].

web: egroundwater.com