Dr. Beatriz Mayor (PhD)

Senior Researcher

Beatriz Mayor is researcher at ICATALIST in areas related to technology, social and economic innovation for sustainability and adaptation to climate change. She also contributes to the development and tracking of new project proposals and opportunities, and supports in the business development branch.

Beatriz carries out research activities within the H2020 NAIAD and ADAPTFARM projects and supports in other company projects. She is also research associate at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) based in Vienna, where she has worked since 2017 developing a multidimensional assessment of Water-Energy-Land (WEL) nexus relevant technologies (desalination, irrigation) covering cost, technology diffusion and scaling trends and WEL nexus trade-offs in the frame of the IS-WEL project.

Her previous work experience has developed in two parallel lines: on the one hand, undertaking high quality research, reporting and dissemination of results for public and private institutions on topics spanning water-energy-food nexus assessments, water footprint, water and energy efficiency in agriculture, nexus technologies, stakeholder engagement and participatory scenario building and Delphi Consultations. On the other hand, providing innovation consultancy services for the development and support of proposals for innovation funding, particularly for different branches of the H2020 program.

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