ACT on NBS. Adaptive cities through Nature Based Solutions

EIT Climate KIC

January 2019 – December 2021


The ACT on NBS project is designed to increase NBS uptake, and to establish a growing and sustainable innovation ecosystem, bringing together cities, researchers and experts to support innovative scale up of NBS in cities, countries and internationally. Often the real and multiple benefits that can be derived from much greater uptake of NBS warrants the exploration of NBS becoming the focus of an EIT Climate-KIC programme.

The project has 5 key interlocking activities designed as learning networked experiments to together increase NBS uptake, as well as a dedicated coordinating activity to establish and grow a successful innovation ecosystem:

1. The coordination activity will establish a knowledge sharing platform and facilitate small teams to actively manage the community and seek funding opportunities. In addition, an advisory board ensures project sustainability, scaling of impacts, strategic direction and political influence.

2. Building capacities and technical assistance to create the conditions for greater uptake of NBS within municipalities including through cross department understanding, procurement and communication with the public.

3. Review and assessment of tools that support greater uptake of NBS with specific NBS themed Climathons and workshops.


4. ICATALIST is together with TUDelft is in charge of the connecting, accelerating and scaling NBS in communities of innovation that include start-up businesses matching their innovations with climate challenges faced by municipalities and with funding and finance opportunities.

5. Promoting collective Intelligence and cocreation for NBS through new channels of awareness and multi-actor engagement.


This project has received funding from the EIT Climate-KIC, research and innovation programme